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The topic of this research work the Influence of Product Packaging on Consumer Buying Preference in Aba Metropolis, Abia State. This study was carried out to investigate the influence of product packaging, on the purpose of this the question experimental research design was adopted to study consumers towards various product packaging. The primary data was collected from the respondents using the questionnaire. After a critical analysis of the data collected, the hypothesis, were tested using analysis with the aid of statistical product and service solution (SPSS) packaging and the following hypothesis were realized there is a relationship between product packaging and the consumer buying preference of a products. Moderating factors to regulate the relationship between packaging and consumer buying preferences of business firm based on these findings, the following were recommended product packaging should be look upon as a cost tool or a production problem. Again product should be lease with user of their product package so as to enable them know when there is need for improvement.




Title Page

Approval Page



Table of Content



    1. Background of the Study:……………………
    2. Statement of Problem:………………………….
    3. Objective of the Study:…………………………….
    4. Research Question/Hypothesis:………………..
    5. Significance of the Study:………………………
    6. Scope of the Study:……………………………….
    7. Operational Functions of Terms:………………….



2.1     Introduction:…………………………….

2.2     The Concept of Product:…………………

2.2.1  Basic Characteristics of Product:………

2.2.2  The Role of a Product:……………………

2.3     The Concept of Product Packaging as a Marketing Tools:…….

2.4     Importance of Product Packaging as a Marketing Tool

2.5     The Promotion Product Packaging Function

2.5.1  The Promotion Function Power Packaging could be use to give Production favourable

  2.5.2         The Protective Function

2.6     Product Requirement

2.6.1  The Distributors Requirement

2.6.2  Consumer Requirement

2.6.3  The Legal Requirements

2.7     Problem of Product Packaging

2.8     Criticisms of product Packaging

2.9     Performance Measures


3.1     Research Methodology

3.2     Population of the Study

3.4     Sample Size Technology

3.5     Research Instrument

3.6     System of Data Analysis

3.7     Method of Ensuring Validiaty

3.8     Research Design

3.9     Data Collection Method


4.1     Data Presentation and Analysis

4.2     Questionnaire Administration


5.1     Summary, Conclusion and recommendation

5.2     Conclusion

5.3     Recommendation








Historically, management has considered product packaging only for the purpose of ascertaining the product and had assigned the role responsibility of the packaging to the production department. However modern marketing managers regard packaging as a supplementary promotional tool for their product. It has been shown that in self service store, it is packaging on product that does the selling. No wonder it is often regarded as the silent salesman.

Product packaging involves enclosing mechanism in a container for marketing display, sanitation convenience in handling and use of safety and preservation. Since 1978 when folding cartons was discovered the packaging industry has grown expansively with period of rapid expansion occurring intermittently. The major resolution mechanizing era when mass production teaching were inaugurated and individual sealed product packaging replace bulk merchandise.

The most commonly used product packaging material includes corks, asbestos, rubbers, plastics, papers and several types of strong materials such as  lead glass, packaging  has gone all the way back to the down of  history when primitive societies  carry barriers continues packaging primary roles was to hold, protect and transport goods from manufactures to the users of individual goods. Packaging products therefore keeps a product intact and available to the final consumers in its original states. It protect the quality of the product from physical damage where the traditional purposes.

Kohler (1984:72) defined product packaging as the activities of designing and producing the containers for a product. He added that the container is called packaging and it mighty include there levels the primary that contains the outhits (the secondary that covers the primary container and the tertiary that protect the entire product during haulage). The type and levels of product packaging adopted  depends  on the types of product market promotion on the other hand represents all  those activities embarked upon the company to communicate its products merits and  to persuade  target customers  to buy them.

Arowomole and Adeyemi (2004:148) product packaging as the general group  of activities in product planning that involved designing and producing the container or wrapper for a product. Packaging provide  two major services for both consumers  and producers that is it services  as a product measure for the product and also promotional device some product packaged such as coke bottles and world famous. Materials use to protect goods also on opportunity to present the brand and Logo.

Product packaging has recently been in importance. At times it becomes very difficult to determine whether greater emphasis should be put on the protective functions of packaging then its promotion functions. Formally, most firms saw product packaging as only container for the physical product without realizing the other  marketing  importance of the product especially its importance towards the promotion of the product due to the increase importance which is presently attached to promotional functions of  to be regarded  as any person jobs. The job of packaging now rest on the hands of quality product managers or specialist trained in that particular filed or marketing in most organizations. The ever increasing customers demands on organizations for more tolerant  package has pushed  marketing  managers to develop packing  with more acceptable  material  shapes and forms. Poor packaging kills a product and can also dissatisfaction among channel intermediaries.


Despite the fact that numerous studies in the past have contributed to the theoretical and practical knowledge on packaging demonstrated that products packaging play sufficient role in marketing of goods and services from all sectors of productive economy, yet quite a number of small and huge scale manufacturers have shown less concern to packaging their product effectively confectionaries especially the small one have been found wanting in the area.

The ability to incorporate into product packaging preference the right choice of material, colour, shape, design, style, size and promotional information has been a major challenge facing marketing managers in the small and medium scale ventures. Also inadequate budget devoted to product packaging that effects effective packaging  preference of organizations .it is as a result that this study is concerned with investigating how and the extent product packaging has changed consumers preferences.


The purpose of carrying out this study is to ascertain the effect of products packaging of materials, design, shape, style, colour and promotional information on consumer buying preference for product in Aba metropolis, Abia State.

The study also has the following specific objectives:

  1. To find out whether the choice of packaging materials affect consumer patronage of products.
  2. To understand how the promotional information/label contribute to consumer choice of products.
  3. To determine the role of packaging feather   (colour, shape, design, style, size and weight) affect the consumer buying preference.
  4. To know whether the cost structure of packaging is justified by the marketing growth of products.
  5. To investigate whether moderating faction a government policies technology competition affect the consumer buying preference of products.



Below are the research questions which the work is set to tackle.

  1. Does choice of packaging materials affect consumer for purchasing of products.
  2. What roles do the packaging features (colour, design, shape, style, size and weight) play in the consumer for goods.
  3. How do promotional messages contributes to the consumption of products.
  4. Does the cost structure of packaging correspond with the expected marketing growth of products.
  5. Do the moderating  factor (government policies, technology) competition affect the relationship between packaging and   the consumer buying preference of products. 

The following hypothesis where formulated for the study:

 Hypothesis one:

H1 :        The influence of packaging on products in Aba Metropolis  responsible for the consumers buying preference.

H0 :        The influence packaging on products in Aba Metropolis is not responsible for the  consumer buying preference.


Hypothesis Two:

H2 :        Consumers are influence by products packaging

H0 :        Consumers are not influence by products packaging.


It has been proven that effective packaging preference of firms enhance the market ability of their product, this work is relevant in the sense that it well enlighten manufacturers on the measure  to be adopted to sustain the effect of product packaging has on consumer buying preference process and in building a loyal customers. This study will also be of academic value since the contents could be used as a basis for other studies on product packaging. The findings of the intended is expected to contribute to the body of existing knowledge in the area of product packaging and its influence.


The topic of this research is the influence product packaging on consumer buying preference in Aba metropolis, Abia State which is with is the researchers case study.

The finding were obtained through the use of questionnaire defined alternative responses and oral interviews. The researcher was involved using Azikiwe Road, Ngwa Road, Ogbo hill, Clifford Road, Park Road also Osisioma Ariara Market Area.

The present study was aimed to investigate the product packaging as it affects many manufactures of Aba metropolis in Abia State. It will outline the various roles of product packaging play  in selling off product.

Again in carrying out this research, the researcher was confronted with a number of problems and limitation owning to financial and time constraint, the researcher was unable to travel to other parts of the country for effective data collection hence the research for effective data collection was carried out in Aba Metropolis. Respondents were equally reluctant to respond to the questionnaires inspite of the fact that assurance was given by the researcher that every information gathered would be held in strict confidence finally some respondents didn’t have the requisite knowledge or are unwilling to disclose the facts where they are available.

  1.     SELF SERVICE STORE: These are specialize outlets which he have stock     

    displayed on shelf for customer easy access.

  1. Product: This is anything that can be offer to a market for attention, consumption and must satisfy consumer need.
  2. Silent Salesman: This refers to the ability of a product packaging to include an exchange process.
  1. BINDING PREFERNCE: This is the ability to quickly check and confidently on which product that will be preferable to buy, how to buy, where to buy it and when to buy it.
  1. Packaging Influence: This is the power to produce  and affects, specially on character beliefs or actions.
  1. BRAND MARK:  This refers to the aspect of a product that has a legal right and protects the production from limitations.
  2. VARIOUS PRODUCTS :These are those product made by various companies:

(i) Magic Wooden Toys Product: It is a company that made most of the toys from beech wood, it is carefully selected and processed very free from any chemical. The wood is coloured and polished through a special technology through company method which has been developed and improved over many years. It is a traditional manufacturer of wooden toys and decorations.

  1. Jam Bottle Product: It an Aba made product manufactured in china, the company product had mainly the ampulla, wine bottle, perfume bottle, pickle bottle, can bottle, drink bottle etc. The  company product packaging with height mass high standard, preferential price, enthusiastic service, your presence is welcomed.
  2. Beverages Company:  Cheesecake Factory, American Beverages Association, Nigerian Breweries etc.
  3. PZ Cussons Products: These are the product made by Pz e.g. bathing soap, Powder for babies etc. that is well for babies.

(E) LOYAL CUSTOMERS: These are group of people who believe that a company’s products are the best. As such they develop confidence in buying the firms product.

(F)          MANUFACTURERS: A company or person who makes or produces goods on large scale with the help of machines.



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